Friday, August 27, 2010

Technical Writing

Technical writing is translation and writing of scientific and technical information in a simple manner for a selected group of audience. The writer who writes this kind of professional articles on technology and science is known as a technical writer. The writer must adhere to certain norms while writing on science and technology.

Use of simple words
The writer must use simple words in his writing so that it is easier for the reader to understand it. Technical writing should not be complicated to understand.

Furnish the required information
The writer should keep in mind the requirements of the reader. His articles should provide all the relevant details that the reader has searched for, otherwise it won’t be able to keep the readers interest intact in the writing.

The theme of technical writing is mainly to write user-guides, manuals etc. For eg. An electronic product requires a technical writer to prepare its user-guide so that the consumer can easily operate the product after reading it.

Need for a technical writer
With the advancement in science and technology, more and more new kinds of electronic gadgets are coming up every now and then and this marks the need for a technical writer to convey the information to the consumers about the uses of the new product. Also nowadays people have become so tech savvy that they like to search the net for all the latest news on science and technology. So here also technical writers serve their purpose by providing them relevant and simplified articles on the required topic.


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