Monday, July 13, 2009

Article Rewriting Tips

Article rewriting does not mean rephrasing an article with synonyms or just making its sentence active from passive and vice verse. The main objective of article rewriting is just the opposite. It means enriching the content of an existing website by updating it with latest information. For example if you have writing an article on SEO tips two years ago, it needs to be infused with latest information time to time to keep its relevancy. Sometimes, you just want to add some interesting topic in some other websites or blogs and you are desperately looking for posting something related to that topic. Now you can not copy and paste the entire article in your website because of the copy right issue or you are reluctant to give any link back. In that case, article rewriting can be the best possible option that you should utilize to its fullest extent to increase the popularity of your website or blog.

Though there are a number of companies offering article-rewriting services, you should not trust them without viewing any of their previous samples. Writing a creative article is not a trivial thing, you have to remain aware of the latest updates of this field otherwise; your website would not be able to mark any significant impact on the minds of the readers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Write a Press Release

Writing a piece of press release is not as complicated as you might have thought. What you lack is not knowledge or information but the sheer courage to face it. First you have to comprehend the simple thing that writing press release is not too different from writing a piece of general article. Obviously the technique and the mode of writing is starkly different but this is not impossible for you to get the hang of it. The best thing you have to read some sample press releases of some reputed companies before you start writing. You need to abide some set rules that will definitely help you a lot.

Is it news?
This is first question that you have to ask yourself before you start writing a press release. If it is news, you need to pinpoint what type of news is it. The style of the press release has to be changed in accordance with the type of news. Furthermore, it should cover the details of the news as far as possible without marring the flow of the writing style.

It is not an Advertisement
You need to figure out the subtle difference between press release and advertisement. Press release an alternative of advertisement but it is shrouded in shrewdness of the writer. You have to promote your organization but that that should not turn it into a piece of advertisement. You can take the assistance of professional press release writing services at the initial stage as well if you are not confident enough. Try to follow their writing style and you will definitely be able to compose a piece of press release in near future.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Content Writing: An Integral Part of A Website

Content is the very essence of a website. It helps a website to convey its presence through the subtle artistic blending of chosen words and the SEO concept. Website content writing is not all about writing a piece of well researched theory, on the contrary it is about conveying the message of an organization through meticulously chosen words and phrases which are dovetailed together for generating the best possible impact. A website without any content is as absurd and worthless as shop without any product to display. Besides bridging the gap between the website owners and its targeted viewers, a piece of good content is powerful enough to exert its influence on the decision of possible buyers by delivering a message tactfully and subtly.

Length of Content
Website content should not be too long because the readers will lose their interest in it because of its enormous length. In addiction to that, the content of a website should not be too short otherwise, it will not be able to cover up all the areas. Actually, it is a typical task for a professional content writer to maintain a fine balance between these two contrasting concepts for delivering a piece of content that will be brief and at the same time interesting to the core.

Conveying Information Through Simple Language
This is the soul purpose of content writing. You have to comprehend the basic fact that the content of your website will be read by different people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and therefore, it has to be unique and should shun difficult words, technical jargons, circumlocutions, euphemisms etc as far as possible for seizing the attention of the readers. Actually, conveying a complex concept in simple language is by far the most difficult task but it has to be attained for ensuring a visible increase in the conversion ratio. If you can manage to attain this goal, you will be able to build up a strong communication with your targeted viewers.

Assimilating Keywords
There is no denying of the fact that feeding a website with regular content is vital from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords should be blended with the content of a website for making a website search engine friendly. Keywords should be blended with the content in such a way so that they become an integral part of that content and not appear like an unnatural protuberance.

Content To Convince
The main purpose of website content is to convince the visitors and thereby contributing to the growth of that organization. Content of a website should not be salesman in approach rather it should be professional in approach. It should be an ideal combination of passion and professionalism. Actually, it is a balancing act between creative inputs of a content writer without discarding the practice approach.

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