Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Write a Press Release

Writing a piece of press release is not as complicated as you might have thought. What you lack is not knowledge or information but the sheer courage to face it. First you have to comprehend the simple thing that writing press release is not too different from writing a piece of general article. Obviously the technique and the mode of writing is starkly different but this is not impossible for you to get the hang of it. The best thing you have to read some sample press releases of some reputed companies before you start writing. You need to abide some set rules that will definitely help you a lot.

Is it news?
This is first question that you have to ask yourself before you start writing a press release. If it is news, you need to pinpoint what type of news is it. The style of the press release has to be changed in accordance with the type of news. Furthermore, it should cover the details of the news as far as possible without marring the flow of the writing style.

It is not an Advertisement
You need to figure out the subtle difference between press release and advertisement. Press release an alternative of advertisement but it is shrouded in shrewdness of the writer. You have to promote your organization but that that should not turn it into a piece of advertisement. You can take the assistance of professional press release writing services at the initial stage as well if you are not confident enough. Try to follow their writing style and you will definitely be able to compose a piece of press release in near future.