Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Negative Side of SEO Content Writing

The knowledge of SEO can help you to become a successful content writer. This piece of advice you can get in article or guide and it has helped a lot in creating a good content writing for the web. If the SEO rules are followed then you can get a well optimized content for your website. But to your surprise SEO content writing is also having a negative side to it. If a content is only written and optimized for the search engine then it becomes very difficult for the readers.
Maintaining keyword density is one of the aspect of content writing. The keyword density for any content should be 5%. But while doing this you forget to keep the human readers in mind. You do not care whether the content will be enjoyable to read or not. Added to this sometimes the keyword list is longer than the article itself. These SEO content writing rules can make an article slow and difficult to read or understand. In order to achieve the respective parameters of SEO content writing the content loses its charm. It becomes monotonous and sounds boring. If this goes on then after certain days it will seem that contents are written by machine for any machine.


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