Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Practical Approach to Article Rewriting

• Firstly find two or more articles relating to your topic. Researching on only one article will narrow down your vision of what all to include in your own article. Therefore it’s always best to take ideas from more than one piece without copying it blindly.
• Now read each article fully and thoroughly. Skim reading will not help. If you read the whole piece thoroughly, only then you will be able to remember all the important points in your mind and then be able to write it in your own words.
• Now that you have finished reading the articles, try to recollect the main highlighted points and start constructing your own piece by first writing the introduction part. If you have not yet finalized the topic then try to mix and match different topics into one. After you have acquired a good blend of ideas, then you can co-relate them to create the flow for the article.
If you are still facing problems while deciding the structure for the article then you can opt for either of the two styles mentioned below:-
• Argument/Proposition with the listed supporting statements.
• Broad topic with several supportive statements.
There are various other styles that you can adopt to write a good article but as long as your writing style is unique from others you are going to fair well in this game of article rewriting.


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